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An important role in the quality assurance strategy is foreseen for the Advisory Board, consisting of five high profile experts in the areas of STEAM education, talent development and transdisciplinarity. The members are:

• Carlos Alvarez Pereira, full member international Club of Rome and Founder and President of Innaxis Foundation & Research Institute, Spain

• Professor Jean-Pierre Gesson, International Relations manager of the Figure network in France, Expert for Hcéres, honorary president of University of Poitiers, France

• Martine Reicherts, former European Commissioner and Director-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (until 2018). Currently on Board of Directors of Luxembourg Central Bank and Board Chair of Luxembourg National Research Fund.

• Professor Nils Overgaard Andersen, Commissioner International Affairs in European Honors Council Board, professor of Physics at University of Copenhagen (Denmark)

• Professor Maija Aksela, director LUMA Centre Finland, a Finnish umbrella organization connecting universities and university campuses to strengthen and promote their collaboration on national and international level in STEAM subjects.

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