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What is the best with the Honours programme?

Henriette Johansen, honours student, University of Oslo.

I applied for the Honours programme mainly because of the interdisciplinary aspect of it, and after two years at the programme, I do believe that this is one of its best qualities. I like the idea that a philosopher can talk to a mathematician about programming and that a physician can talk to a linguist about philosophy, both conversations regarding the same topic. I have had so many inspiring and fruitful discussions because of it, and I believe we need more of this if we are to come up with the best solutions for the problems we are facing now and in the future. We need to be able to talk in the same language and understand each other in order to get the maximum out of cooperation across different disciplines. A common language allows us to communicate on a whole new level and helps us to share knowledge and previous experiences in a way we would not be able to do without it, making it easier to perceive the same topic from different angles. I guess that two heads are better than one, and even better if they speak the same language. The Honours programme is a perfect platform for such communication, giving us tools to create an environment ideal for interdisciplinary collaboration. Working as a group towards a common goal also gives a sense of belonging, and the social aspect of it has indeed been extremely valuable to me. To see that my fellow students are as passionate about the work they put in as me and always motivate each other, encourage me to do my very best. The programme has also made me realise that the disciplines should not be perceived as boundaries but rather a basis for further learning. It has given me the flexibility to explore different fields of study and made me delve into areas I would not have gone into otherwise.

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